Jenny Craig

Popular diets come and go but good diets tend to stay around. The Jenny Craig diet is one of those diets that have been around awhile. Specifically, the Jenny Craig program has been helping people lose weight for over 20 years, much like the popular Weight Watchers Diet. It has shown some renewed interest thanks to a nationwide campaign and celebrity spokespersons.

This plan is based off personal consultation with a Jenny Craig consultant or program director. jenny craig Jenny CraigUsually, this is done over the phone but they also have local centers in major metropolitan areas.The purpose of the consultation is to develop a profile of your lifestyle, eating habits, and weight loss goals. During this consultation, your weight and body measurements are taken.

Jenny Craig Diet Plans

The two plans are called Jenny Craig In-Centre and Jenny Craig At Home. The In-Centre allows personal consultation and motivation in a one on one setting with a coach. You order your food, and then pick it up at your consultation. You need to check their website to see if a Centre exists near you. The At Home option allows you one on one support through a phone consultation. The food you order is delivered to your home but there is the additional cost of shipping.

Jenny Craig makes money from selling pre-packaged entrees. These Jenny Cuisine entrees are single servings and available at your Jenny Craig centers or by ordering from their website. The website also sells desserts.

The Jenny Craig menu allows you to consume 3 of their meals each day and one snack every day. The prepackaged meals are designed to teach you food control sometimes referred to portion control.

After an individual following a Jenny Craig plan is midway with their ideal weight objective, they are able to start transitioning to eating your normal foods again. After a month “conversion period,” you may give up eating Jenny Cuisine completely and you’ll be back to having “meals on your own.”

Ultimately, it is possible to eat practically anything you want provided that you are mindful of helpings. For instance, a typical dinner may include potatoes or fries which many diets forbid.

Jenny Craig Cost

This diet costs you money. A membership typically ranges from $20 to $50 monthly. Also, the big cost is the food itself. You could spend $400-$600 a month.

If your looking for a reliable weight loos plan, then Jenny Craig is a winner. The only drawback is the expense of the diet plan.


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